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Todd Duffin

Phone: 1(425)736-8242 Bellevue, WA 98008


I have worked at established and emerging companies building software and commercial web sites for over 15 years. In that time I've focused on being a catalyst for positive changes and aggressively pursuing best practices in the software development process. I enjoy defining, driving, and delivering features and strategies in a fast-paced environment. As a persuasive communicator I facilitate interaction between cross-disciplinary teams in order to meet schedules, resolve issues and mitigate risk to delivery.


Employment History:

MOD Systems Inc.Bellevue, WA
Technical Program ManagerDecember 2008 to June 2010
"MOD Systems' media-on-demand platform transforms retail stores into digital destinations. It enables retailers to more effectively sell and distribute digital entertainment to consumers."
  • Technical Program Manager delivering the first GreenPlay set-top box named "Falcon" on time.
  • Responsible for all aspects of set-top box user interface and its refinement.
  • Owner of the GreenPlay format specification delivered to the SD Card Association for inclusion the SDA body of standards.
  • Managed all relationships between MOD Systems and set-top box toolkit vendors.
  • Managed all relationships between MOD Systems and Toshiba digital media division; our business partner delivering content on SD Cards.
  • Technical member of kiosk and "cloud" steering committees; building Product Backlog with CEO, PdM and PM's.
  • Tactically supported kiosk and "cloud" team to resolve technical issues.
  • Assisted physical staging and installation of Kiosks in Blockbuster and Hollywood Video deployments and staging of InMotion Kiosk deployments.
  • Delivered multiple GreenPlay set-top box UI. Releases included an initial release, minor updates and a complete rewrite.
  • Re-factored first generation set-top box UI to be optimized for the rental experience.
  • Conducted usability testing at all stage of implementation of UI; initiating with paper mockups.
  • Submitted two pending patent applications.
  • Authored multiple technical internal White Papers. Topics included CPRM, MPEG4/AVC and AAC.
  • Worked with Product Marketing to define and refine product messaging.
Phoenix Technologies (via Purchase of General Software Inc.) Bellevue, WA
Program Manager October 2006 to October 2008
"General Software is the leading supplier of embedded firmware, enabling specialized devices in telecommunications, data communications, and consumer electronics market segments through technology, licensing, and support models designed especially for embedded ODMs/OEMs."
Core Products:
  • Managed 2 to 5 new chipset products concurrently.
  • Defined, Designed, Verified and Delivered multiple updates and new features to Embedded BIOS product.
  • Member of 3 person team deciding "ship" or "no-ship" for each product.
Custom Projects:
  • Managed 2 to 5 custom projects BIOS and firmware projects concurrently.
  • Defined specific project goals from ambiguous customer requirements.
  • Worked directly with project customers to manage expectations and schedules.
  • Strategized mitigation to risks to each project as they progressed.
  • Verified project delivery with customers to ensure functionality and usability goals were met.
  • Management: MS-Project, Excel and Word
  • Development: x86 Assembly and C
Amreli Technology SolutionsRedmond, WA
Program ManagerMay 2006 to July 2006
"Amreli Technology provides innovative solutions and services for a wide variety of business needs. Our expertise includes network security, IT infrastructure, process compliance, business consulting, and disaster recovery."
  • Gathered requirements, built BRD's and technical specifications for multiple projects.
  • Managed development teams to deliver multiple overlapping projects.
  • Architected various database schema's and their corresponding .NET web applications.
  • Designed and described UI including Key Functionality, Navigation, Behaviors.
Microsoft (contracting through Aditi )Redmond, WA
Program Manager
Windows Media Foundation
Digital Rights Management Group
February 2005 to February 2006
  • Focused on Digital Rights Management (DRM) of portable devices (Janus, Sinatra), network devices (Cardea, Zappa, Elvis), digital media and online music sites.
  • Managed the process for signing all portable devices, network devices and driver certificate requests.
  • Worked with Windows Media Core Services to manage the sign-off process for all DRM releases.
  • Supported OEMs worldwide in their efforts to integrate the Microsoft's WM-DRM technology into their hardware products.
  • Wrote white papers describing the different aspects of MS-DRM technology and best practices guidelines for embedded implementations.
  • Evangelized cryptography and DRM technologies.
Aventail Corporation (purchased by SonicWALL) Seattle, WA
Program Manager January 1998 to July 2004
"Aventail is the leading provider of SSL VPN and extranet appliances and services for secure, anywhere access to enterprise applications. The company has years of real-world experience in delivering SSL VPN and extranet products and services that help large enterprises solve the complex problems associated with extranets and remote access."
Research and Project Management:
  • Wrote numerous Knowledge Base articles, White Papers, Competitive Analysis papers, MRD's and PRD's.
  • Created and managed the process, relational database and web site that provided status, performance, knowledge and feedback on all aspects of 3rd party compatibility testing and implementation.
  • Led the Workplace user portal development team to create the plan to stage support for internationalization and localization.
  • Envisioned, built requirements and wrote functional specifications resulting in delivery of the Aventail Workplace user portal.
  • Envisioned, built requirements and wrote functional specifications resulting in delivery of ExtraWeb.
  • Created and managed the Enhancement Request system and process.
  • Created and managed the Aventail Knowledge Base system and process.
  • Scoped, scheduled and managed moving all application compatibility testing from Seattle to Aventail's new India Technology Center.
Internal Consulting:
  • Evangelized new features in Aventail's products to other business units.
  • Mentored other employees in emerging technologies such as LDAP, .NET and VoIP.
  • Determined feasibility of managed ACE Server with Token Enrollment and deployment.
  • Envisioned, built requirements, wrote functional specification and managed Directory Access via LDAP and RADIUS.
  • Outlined requirements and feasible solutions for Aventail's Service Enrollment API.
  • Created Server Identity Forwarding requirements and solutions.
Saltmine Creative Seattle, WA
Database and ASP Developer August 1996 to January 1998
"Saltmine Creative is a full-service online software development and design firm specializing in the creation of innovative Internet/intranet solutions and products. Our areas of expertise include online software development, database systems creation and integration, information architecture and site design, multimedia content creation and broadcasting, and mission-critical hosting services."
  • Responsible for all engineering aspects of many new web sites including PGATour, BackOffice, British Petroleum and many MSN "shows".
  • Designed and wrote MS SQL stored procedures.
  • Wrote server-side VBScript for IIS servers.
  • Tuned MS SQL Server using indexes, stored procedures and server settings.
  • Architect of database schema for many projects.
  • Functioned as project manager on many projects.
WinSales, Inc. Bellevue, WA
Product Manager May 1996 to August 1996
"WinSales develops customized database applications which address the problems companies face in effectively managing their critical customer information. It combines functions for marketing, sales opportunity management, customer service, technical support and quality assurance."
  • Compiled customer requirements into functional specifications for WinSales CRM application.
  • Managed resources to assure projects were delivered on time at or below estimated costs.
SPRY, Inc. (purchased by CompuServe) Seattle, WA
Program Manager July 1995 to May 1996
"SPRY, Inc., is the leading developer of Internet access applications for the office, home and publishing markets. Founded in 1987, the privately held company is based in Seattle, Wash. SPRY brings networked connectivity to the Windows desktop through three products: the AIR Series, Internet In A Box and Mosaic In A Box. "
  • Defined and delivered SPRYNET (IRC) Chat only 4 weeks after marketing buy off.
  • Assisted in driving the international versions of Internet In A Box to completion.
  • Gathered marketing requirements and created Engineering Functional Specifications for many other projects.
Microsoft (contracting through SolutionsIQ )Redmond, WA
Content DeveloperMay 1995 to July 1995
  • Functioned as liaison between the design/editorial staff and development for the Electronic Travel Agent (ETA, which became Expedia) product.
  • Designed MS Word templates for the editorial staff so travel articles could be mechanically read and indexed.
  • Wrote RTF parser in Visual BASIC to read, index and add hot-links to populated MS Word templates.
SPRY, Inc.Seattle, WA
Program ManagerJune 1994 to May 1995
  • Defined and delivered Mosaic In A Box v1.
  • Defined customizable areas of Mosaic In A Box to create Mosaic Direct.
  • Wrote functional specification and initiated work on the downloadable email addition to Mosaic In A Box.
  • Defined and delivered the first CompuServe Internet Dialer.
  • Designed and wrote a Web Crawler in Visual BASIC that assisted development of new features and testing for SPRY's Internet products.